Are hoverboards safe? |
Are hoverboards a fun modern toy, or an inferno-waiting-to-happen?
passenger helps mom on flight
A simple act of kindness changed the flight for all the people on board.
Airline Passengers Tweet Discretions |
Has flying become just a fancy new version of purgatory?
This little girl nearly died of anaphylaxis thanks to one selfish passenger.
Even though the passenger was warned three times about opening nut products on board the plane, he did and this little girl almost died.
by: Alex Thom
boy watching plane
In this day and age of airport security, it's a little scary to realize a 9-year-old boy could get through security without a ticket for a cross-country trip.
And in yet more evidence that flying has become a ridiculous experience, a United Airlines flight was diverted after parents objected to the in-flight movie.
Joe Rickey Hundley did the unfathomable and slapped a 19-month-old boy across the face while on a flight to Atlanta.
Toddler on Canada's No Fly List | News |
Parents shouldn't have to change their child's name just to get around a policy that itself is broken.