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Sometimes the craziness of life makes it hard to remember everything that I want to teach my daughter. So I made a list of 50 of them.
"And your skin falls off and everything..." Shudder. 3 things to do or say when your kid freaks the crap out of you by saying something super creepy.
We have less than 4 hours to shoot 2 scenes on location at Running Room. Throw in 1200 racers, a 50 person running group, and bad weather. Camera's rolling!
After 6 days in Vancouver it's time for Baby Girl to head back to the T-dot, and this Film Set Mummy is feeling the drama.
It's our first day of a 5 day shoot, and I have my 2 year-old on set with me. What if this was the worst mistake of my life?
Follow along on Twitter at #filmsetmummy and see what happens next to a YMC mummy who’s grabbing life by the balls with her toddler in tow.
The best thing you can do is stop running away from your own life. Even if it really, really, sucks while you figure things out. Here's my story.