Forget airbrushed pictures and images of perfection. Meditating Mummy urges you to get back to reality and find a picture that makes you feel good.
What we think determines how we feel. In this post Meditating Mummy encourages us to choose the positive thoughts.
Are you surrounded by champions or naysayers? This post reflects on the importance of champions in the early years of motherhood.
Music has the power to change your mood. This instalment of the feel good project talks about the music that inspires you or makes you smile.
As part of the feel good project Meditating Mummy focuses on exercise. If we move our bodies and get active we can change our mindsets.
Meditating Mummy is on a mission to help all moms feel good. It's time to get comfortable in our bodies and start celebrating ourselves.
In difficult times the need to be grateful is hard but so important. This mom is reminded to use gratefulness to increase her happiness and wellbeing.