Should I even share how I feel about going through labour a third time? Or am I being a baby?
It was over in less than four minutes. I had failed miserably.
There are extreme cases where people can’t leave their home, but most agoraphobes are outside, interacting with the rest of the world.
I could hear my son screaming and crying as I walked away, and my heart broke into little shards that day.
by: Alex Thom
I’ve never enjoyed getting needles, but I’ve never really been afraid of them, either. But my son is fearful. And I've made some mistakes in the past.
My kids want to know “the plan.” Always. The children, like me, have developed this habit into a need.
Ain’t no one happy if mama ain’t happy, but all that runs through my mind is, “Why are you so selfish?”
I didn’t know. Nobody knows what it's like to be a parent until the kid arrives.