Ferris Wheel
I don’t want my kids to be afraid of the things I’m afraid of JUST because I’m afraid of them.
Chris Hemsworth Great Dad
In a time of so much hate, it's a good time to remember love.
Breaking down barriers. How Tylenol normalizes healthy co-parenting in this commercial.
Calling All Bloggers: Are you up for this challenge? If you could only write one more post, what would you say?
For me, tears are never a sign of weakness. Instead they are a testament to the strength of a man who carries the joy and pain of the people he loves.
A Man of His Word
The words "...in sickness and in health" took on a whole new meaning when this mom fell ill and dad stepped up to the parenting plate.
On Being A Single Dad
With Father's Day around the corner, this single dad offers some suggestions on ways to spend time with the kids.
Dad's Take on Breastfeeding
No woman, I repeat, NO woman, wants your unsolicited advice on breastfeeding.