halloween candy
It's not trick! Some kids won't get any treats from this woman in North Dakota who will be handing out letters to children she deems as 'moderately obese.'
fat shaming
A six-packed mom of three is under fire for 'fat shaming' other moms who don't have the same physique. What do you think of the image? Insulting or inspiring?
Whoever made these graffiti changes to this billboard? We think he/she is kind of brilliant.
Can't find clothes that fit at Abercrombie & Fitch? Blame CEO, Mike Jeffries, who doesn't want you shopping at his store if you're overweight.
With headlines talking about her weight gain and rocky marriage, we want to know what you think about the way the media is treating Kim Kardashian's pregnancy.
Spill it! Do you think these letters were a necessary first step in fighting obesity, or do they constitute 'fat shaming'?
Jennifer Livingston took to the airways and confronted her bully. Spill it! Do you think she has a responsibility to be a healthy role model?
gym for only those overweight
What do you think of gyms, like Downsize, that cater specifically to overweight clientele?