Slow cooker butternut squash
A simple, hearty and healthy dish filled with seasonal vegetables that will please every member of your family.
by: Jen Farr
roasted squash frittata
A great combination of sweet and salty, this easy-to-make frittata can be on the table in less than 30 minutes.
Warm Mulled Apple Cider Recipe
Why did the apple cross the road? To get in'cider this cider.
Kale and Red Cabbage Salad
Kale, red cabbage, apple and pecans are combined together to create a salad that packs a nutritional punch.
Don't squash your dreams of creating a dish made with love. This risotto may take a little time but it's an autumn flavour you'll never forget.
Apples aren't just for dessert baking. This salad may take a bit of prep time but the combination of flavours is worth the wait.
Chicken and Mushroom Bake Recipe
Little prep work and easy to cook, means this pot of comfort will soon become a family fave.
Brace yourselves. Pumpkin recipes are coming. But you don't have to settle for just a pie, this year. There's over a dozen delicious recipes here that will help you make the most of the season and everything pumpkin and pumpkin spice!
Make the best use of this fall-time bounty!