Literally nothing could have prepared me for the surgery I needed when, after four days of labour, everyone agreed my daughter was stuck.
What we Learn from Life's Tough Moments - Why falling down will help my kids become successful, and will be the most important lesson I can teach my kids | Parenting |
Why this is one of the most important lessons you can teach your kids.
Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at their problems with some perspective.
That Time I Tried Network Marketing
This is what happens when that amazing-life-changing-opportunity-that-is-going-to-make-you-a-billion-dollars turns out to not be a good fit.
Although it doesn't seem right to automatically pass a student who is not doing well is holding kids back a grade the answer?
My children offer me daily reminders of ways to live but there are two lessons they have taught me that have changed my world.
Some teachers are using shaming tactics to motivate their students. Do you think it works or should this approach get a failing grade?
It was over in less than four minutes. I had failed miserably.