Shawn asked me what my favourite flavour of ice cream is and I answered, "Vanilla?" tentatively, like a question.
sleep deprivation
I didn’t really understand sleep deprivation until I had kids. Your child’s whimsical murmurs and whispers and cries are actually killing you slowly.
His world is hidden to all of us, but one thing is certain: My son’s body is continually acting to move while his mind is continually fighting the movement.
These sleep myths will cause you more fatigue, not less.
What Moms are Really Singing to Their Babies |
These are the songs moms are really singing to their babies.
Four of the really unglamorous moments of pregnancy
Has sleep-deprived, exhaustion ever made you do something this crazy?
When you’ve just spent 11 hours taking care of young kids and tending to babies, getting dressed up to go out for a few hours out can be a deal breaker.