The JR pens should have been replaced already, but check expiry dates to be safe.
Price increase in epipens |
The price of EpiPens in the U.S. has surged beyond all reason, even becoming too expensive for some to afford.
A nationwide EpiPen shortage is cause for alarm for anyone with a severe allergy, especially as students prepare to return to school.
Company developing a smaller, customizable, compact epinephrine auto-injector | In the News |
New, smaller auto-injectors mean getting one step closer to custom doses for allergies.
by: Alex Thom
Allerject Recall Updated |
Another recall on Sanofi Allerject epinephrine auto-injector has this mom rethinking her decision to use them.
by: Alex Thom
The best cheap and cheerful EpiPen or Allerject case ever!
This easy to do DIY will ensure your kid has access to his life-saving medication at all times.
by: Alex Thom
More public places are making EpiPens available in case of emergency. This is great news for those at risk of anaphylaxis!
In an awesome trend that seems to be picking up momentum, more public places are stocking emergency epinephrine kits to help keeps guests safe.
by: Alex Thom