Giving birth with no epidural |
It wasn’t as if I was all “birth with no Epidural? TWICE? Don’t mind if I do!”
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Congratulations to Jen Warman, the proud mom of a brand new baby girl who arrived in a most unexpected way. Was your birth experience what you expected?
My story is not the norm - but sometimes your birth plan can go out the window. Way, way out.
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After giving birth the first time I said, "I don't think I can ever do that again." And like a teenager who has stolen her parent's vodka, here I am....again.
Before labour begins, read this book that will guide you through having a more relaxed and possibly pain-free birth.
Spill it! Do you think offering an epidural is a vital service to Chinese women if it means lowering the rate of Cesareans?
Au Revoir Birth Plan
Sometimes the perfect plan plan.
Getting stuck on the third floor writing a grocery list in my head should have been my first clue this wasn’t going to be the pain management technique for me.