Those few minutes spent on the floor of the school were like readjusting a camera lens, and pulling a picture back into focus.
By studying some 500 kids between the ages of 7-12, researchers concluded that narcissism is largely due to this.
girl wants donations to charity for birthday
This little girl is proof that age isn't a barrier to awareness. And that kids are never too young to develop empathy and a social conscience.
With violent images and messages in video games, movies, and even cartoons it's more important than ever to teach our kids empathy and compassion. Here's how.
gwyneth and kids
Whether you love Gwyneth or hate her, can we not all just agree on this one thing?
What happened to the sisterhood of mothers who help each other instead of singling each other out for social castigation.
teacher at school
At the end of the day, most students won't remember what amazing lesson plans you've created or how organized you were, what they will remember is this.
by: Lori Gard
New Facebook Button Coming
Facebook finally offering alternative to the "Like" button.