2013 Dodge Grand Caravan
Emily is a mechanic, car seat technician and mom. We challenged her to put the Dodge Caravan minivan to the test. Find out if it passed.
Before you hit the road this summer, here are four tips to make sure you have a smooth ride.
Winter Tires for Winter
You may not believe in winter tires but the fact is you are taking a risk whenever you drive a vehicle with all-season or summer tires in our winter climate.
Wipe the slate clean and make a resolution to stop doing this before you break the wiper linkages on your vehicle.
If you hear these phrases coming from your technician's mouth, run, don't walk, away from that shop.
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Learn how to tell if your rubber is too old to ensure you don't suffer a blowout.
Emily Chung, a Certified Child Car Seat Technician shows you how to install the three types of seats in your vehicle as well as tips to make the process simple