Taking healthy eating to the extreme can cause big health problems.
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You don't need a lot of money to buy clothes at the hottest teen clothing retailer in the USA, just a low body fat percentage.
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"I need to put the right foods into my body because I’m responsible for someone else."
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It's not trick! Some kids won't get any treats from this woman in North Dakota who will be handing out letters to children she deems as 'moderately obese.'
Jennifer Andrews: An Unstoppable Mom
Jennifer saw a problem and took action. All of us could be as unstoppable as Jennifer if we simply did the same.
It's not just emaciated girls who have anorexia. Why you need to take your child's desire to go on a "diet" as a red flag for future possible eating disorders.
When I was young my mom was quite self-conscious about her body, particularly her weight. She rarely ate what we ate so I grew up thinking this was normal.
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If you have a teen or a tween it's important for you to know about this new fad.