Cellphones are going to be the death of some people. Literally.
driving and texting
It's the third cause of fatal accidents, behind speeding and impaired driving.
“You’ll like it once you do it.” That’s what they told me. And by “they” I mean everyone on earth when they found out that I don’t drive.
Emma Czornobaj faces up to 14 years in jail for stopping to help a family of ducks. Her actions resulted in two fatalities.
For our safety, for the safety of our kids and our communities, watch this 30-minute film and share it with everyone you know.
Germany is implementing a back-up plan by designating larger parking spaces for women. Would you be offended?
Salt and corrosion can be your car's worst enemy. Learn how to keep it looking good on the inside and out.
I have been badgered often about why I don’t drive, reminded of how much easier my life would be if only I had a license.