It may be an outdated rule, but United Airlines is within its rights to insist on a dress code because of how these girls were flying.
Airline passenger asked to change shorts |
Since when did airlines become the fashion police? Since now.
Superintendent Trent North sent an email outlining a dress code expectation that included no jeans or leggings, no sneakers and flip flops, and no capris.
While the principal says the ban is for a different reason, is it really?
If the end goal was to humiliate the 15-year-old dress code violator in front of her new classmates, it certainly succeeded.
dress too short
In a show of allegiance to her teen, Amy Redwine wore her daughter's dress—the same dress that violated the school's dress code—to her graduation ceremony.
Business casual, formal & more.Have you ever been invited to an event only to wonder what that dress code really means? We've got you covered–from head to toe.
Maybe the whole concept of a dress code is not about modesty, after all. Maybe it’s about control, and who really has it.