Jennifer Andrews: An Unstoppable Mom
Jennifer saw a problem and took action. All of us could be as unstoppable as Jennifer if we simply did the same.
Everything you need to know to help raise the next generation of unstoppable women.
How You Can Remind Your Daughter That She Is Unstoppable
At you can create a mirror with an inspiring message that will remind your little girl she is unstoppable. What will your mirror say?
How being rejected from the Ice Capades turned me into an unstoppable woman.
I want my daughter to look at me and think, "My mom is beautiful. She loves me, and she loves herself, too. She's unstoppable, and so am I."
I don't want my daughter to be one of the six out of ten girls who, like I did, quits.
Tamara Franz-Odendaal
Meet the mom who created workshops to mentor girls and help guide them into science-based careers to ultimately make them unstoppable.
by: Erica Ehm