Do something pawsitive while you have a dog gone good time at the Purina Walk for Dog Guides on Sunday, May 25th.
Did you know that guide dogs aren't just for people with a visual impairment? Find out how a dog guide can help children with autism.
Dairy milk nutrition news |
Milk. It may do a body good, but what kind should you opt for?
is eating meat worse than smoking
A study recently published by the University of Southern California's Davis School of Gerontology has found that the meat you eat may be killing you.
big butt
If you've got a big booty it means you may outlive your friends with a diminutive derrière.
watching your carbs
I was recently out for lunch with some girls and realized I was the only one ordering a sandwich...
by: Lara Katz
Turns out Canadians have a big fat problem.
glass of cola
An infographic fbreaking down what happens in your body up to one hour after guzzling a can of Coca Cola has gone viral but it's not actually accurate.