Pay tribute to your dearly departed. But not like this.
I knew it was bad when I heard the suctioning sound. I went over to the tank and couldn't see him anywhere but I didn't have the guts to open the filter box.
Our idols and celebrities are dying out. Take your opportunities where you can, because life is short.
Lucie Roussel, a Quebec mayor, died of multiple wasp stings and an undiagnosed allergy.
What's scary Lucie Roussel's death—after being stung with a wasps 15 times—is that she was completely unaware that she even had an allergy.
by: Alex Thom
Steve Jobs is dead. At 56, the biggest visionary of a generation is gone far too soon. Much will be written of the technological contributions Steve has made. And it almost never happened.
Canada's notorious serial killers, Clifford Olson, dies.
Hugh Hefner, creator of the Playboy Empire, is dead at 91. Did he promote women's sexual freedom? Not so much.