Calling all dads! Are you willing to get naked? The last Naked Dadding Roundtable went so well, Joe Boughner is doing it again! Get the details here.
A dad who is expecting a bundle of joy in the form of a baby girl to arrive soon is asking the internet to help name his baby.
Andrew Austin Father's Day Video
The days of dads being a sitcom punchline are over. Watch this video that celebrates the diversity of dads and how they are fully capable parents.
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Have you seen the Instagram pics of Kordale and Kaleb? These two beautiful dad with equally beautiful kids have taken the internet by storm.
only the very best
Have you ever bought something you thought was "the best" out there only to be disappointed?
With dads taking a more involved role in childcare these days, it's time marketing departments—and the rest of us—quit portraying them as incompetent dolts.
if you're looking for new music in 2013, run, don't walk, to buy this new album that mixes Michael Jackson and Mozart and creates a Star Wars themed cello war.
A movie about dying and lessons we want to teach our children with a little bit of dirty humour thrown in for fun.