Where Does That Wire Go - Tracing Wires on the Cheap
Before we begin teaching you how to trace wires in your house on the cheap let's get the obvious out of the way first.
daddy post it notes
We guarantee you'll laugh at these post-it notes left by a dad who is also a writer and comedian.
If you like Eggs Benedict and you like Mexican food, you're going to love this breakfast.
daddy blogger doing childs hair
Doyin Richards wants all the naysayers to put on their big boy pants and join #TeamGrownAssMan.
Road Ends at 50 Feet (picture)
Books vs. the internet or where do you turn when the Internet is no longer satisfying?
only the very best
Have you ever bought something you thought was "the best" out there only to be disappointed?
I won’t pretend I’m not still coming to terms with being part of the Yummy Mummy Club seeing as I'm neither yummy or a mummy.
2015 Ford Mustang Preview - How do you make a new icon?
What do nail polish and the Ford Mustang have in common? Find out and share your Mustang memory for a chance to win a Pony Pack of OPI nail polish.