Three Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Online Threats
With over 23 tech devices in her home, this mom of six has some smart tips to keep your kids safe.
Anti-bullying initiative shows that while Twitter can be a wonderful and supportive place, it's not for these kids.
Oh my, it’s easy to throw stones in our air-conditioned glass houses, isn’t it?
kids safe online
This dad says, "Parents can be empowered and can watch out for their kids. It's simple steps."
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Teens are not just sharing, they are over sharing, in an attempt to look for community and friendship.
How to not be an online bully
Ten easy steps on how not to be an online bully that everyone should read.
by: Alex Thom
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Unless we start instilling tolerance and acceptance in our children the problem of bullying is never going to go away.
Teen Girls Rated in Polls | In the News |
A school district is currently investigating polls in which girls are rated according to their appearance.