Every now and then you come across someone with so much talent you do a double-take, Amanda is that someone.
Not only does Carly have the world's most catchiest song on the the planet but she has two huge celebrity fans by the name of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.
Connie may not be over 'Not Over You' but she is moving on to something 'Sweeter.'
The song that caused our B-Sides mom to squee with joy.
'Somebody I Used To Know' is going to quickly become somebody you know and love.
Music is a powerful and amazing thing, some lyrics are sentimental while others make you smile, sigh or bite down your lower lip.
Shirtless Adam Levine. You're welcome.
Grab your umbrella and get ready to sing in the rain. Splash'N Boots has been nominated for the 2012 Children's Group Of The Year.