Admins at an Edmonton high school are getting their exercise this week with all the back-pedaling they are doing over a mural with two men kissing.
His sexual preference doesn't detract from—or add to—his role within the company.
Coming out party for gay teen |
Being a teen is hard. When you're a gay, it's harder.
Students at a California high school were surprised when they came back to classes after spring break and their male science teacher was now female.
ellen page comes out
In a Valentine's Day speech in support of the Human Rights Campaign the Canadian actress announced she was gay and was tired of lying by omission.
Gay or straight, all kids want to be loved unconditionally. Grab a tissue and read this not from a dad who loves his son no matter what.
In the feel good story of the day, 15-year-old Laurel wanted sweeten the blow when announcing to her parents she is gay, so she baked them a cake.
The "do"s and "don't"s of talking about gender