How to Calm Your Crying Baby |
A California pediatrician is being dubbed 'The Baby Whisperer' after releasing a video of him quieting infants with a simple hold.  
surviving colic, crying babies, nighttime crying
We can't cure colic but these smart tips can help you and your whole family survive the duration.
Other people's sweet little newborns fill my bucket. And they also make me kind of bitter.
Find out what colic is and discover the different ways you can help soothe your crying baby.
crying baby
Colic is fairly common in newborns and can be a part of normal development. Use these five methods to help relax and calm your crying baby.
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A mom and her three-month-old baby review the Playtex Nipple Variety Pack. Find out if it's a hit or a miss.
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As experienced mummies know, everyone loves to give baby advice. But what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to baby care? Read on to find out.
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This is where I tell you the difference about having a baby with colic, which is also hellish, and a baby who is a screamer.