Brownie Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies
Moms will get a gold star when they pack this A+ lunchbox dessert that's doubly delicious.
Oreo Brownie Cake Bars Recipe
From 20 ingredients and countless steps to simplicity at its best. Our Canned Soup Mom simplifies this decadent dessert that's ready in less than an hour.
These easy chocolate chip cookies are made in one bowl, in just 15 minutes. And they're dietician approved as part of a healthy diet with dessert in moderation. | YMC
Teaching moderation--that all foods can fit--is an important lesson and that will benefit their eating habits and relationship with food long term. 
Short on time but need a decadent dessert to curb your craving for a treat? Check out these simply sweet cookie recipes that you can make again and again.
by: YMC
Warning: The contents of this blog may be habit forming and/or butt enlarging.
A sweet substitute so you don't have to fudge your recipe.
There's a secret green ingredient in these delicious cookies, but it only adds to the flavour.
by: Lara Katz