Raffi and Andrea Nair
Inspiration can come from many places. For Raffi's newest album "Love Bug" it came from a place of concern. Read the rest of the story now.
Some things and some people are amazing enough to transcend time. Sharon, Lois, and Bram do just that. Are your kids fans?
He’s been singing the childhood classics since the 80’s, but his tunes still hold up and his show is worth seeing for all ages.
Canadian children's entertainer Will Stroet is back with new songs for your kids. Not even adults can resist Eat A Plum, Yum Yum.
After 21 years of singing about cold spaghetti, Jeff, Murray and Greg are handing over their purple, red and yellow shirts to a new generation of Wiggles.
Grab your umbrella and get ready to sing in the rain. Splash'N Boots has been nominated for the 2012 Children's Group Of The Year.
In 2009 a group of women on various life or career paths, most grandmothers, but not all, discussed the possibility of doing something unusual to raise a lot of money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
The family that rocks out together stays together. Learn how to use music to connect with your kids.