woman pointing gun
The image has gone viral as internet users try to discover the identity of the woman behind the disturbing photo.
Ariel Castro is dead
Ariel Castro, who was sentenced to life in jail for holding three teens captive in his Cleveland home, has committed suicide.
dog saved child from abuse
When an otherwise friendly and playful pooch began acting aggressively toward seven-month-old Finn's babysitter, his owners acted on it.
Britain Cracks Down On Internet Porn
British Prime Minister David Cameron plans to rid the internet of "porn filth" to protect the nation's young eyes.
Joe Rickey Hundley did the unfathomable and slapped a 19-month-old boy across the face while on a flight to Atlanta.
She was just eight years old when she "fell pregnant" at the hands of a 17-year-old boy who is reportedly on the run.
Is anyone actually surprised that Nadya Suleman, the mom of 14, is in the news once again?
obituary for abusive mother
Is this obituary a powerful message about the legacy of child abuse? Should the paper have published it?