John Grisham is likely to find himself treading hot water after making controversial comments about child pornography in a recent interview.
DC Entertainment refused to give permission for the Superman logo to appear on Baldwin's memorial statue. The logo will still be incorporated but with a twist.
skateboard kid gets pushed down ramp
Remember the dad who shoved his six-year-old off the skate ramp? His whole family was forced to move. Is it just desserts or was the backlash excessive?
children copy their parents
This commercial from Australia's National Child Protection Clearing House really drives home a message that will stick with you. Take a moment to watch.
train up a child
Please set aside a minute of your day and add your voice to the over 120,000 signatures collected to stop this book from being sold on Amazon.
Men from wealthy countries are paying children in poor countries to perform sexual acts in front of webcams. You can help.
The singer was compelled to apologize after complaints that the video featuring Shia LaBeouf and 12-year-old Maggie Ziegler comes across as sexual.