Vegan burgers that are easy to make. For real!
This fast meal wins the nutritional power bowl lottery.
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Alleviate your PMS symptoms with these five mood-altering treats.
Not only a brilliant source of protein and other nutrients, this hummus is also delicious thanks to a zip of flavour from roasted red pepper.
polenta with chickpeas, zucchini, and black olives
Warm slices of polenta topped with a savoury sauce, this gluten-free, vegan meal is pure comfort food at its best.
Swiss chard with chickpeas
Filling enough for a main course but also great as a side dish, this chard and chickpeas recipe is a plateful of power and energy!
This vegan Quinoa With Roasted Vegetables and Chickpeas energy bowl not only makes a satisfying and healthy high protein salad, it also teaches you how to make the most addictive snack you'll ever eat: oven roasted chickpeas! | Meatless | Vegetarian | YMCFood |
Save your money on expensive supermarket roasted chickpeas and make your own at home to add to this simple roasted salad.