Everything from kid-friendly favourites to impress-your-guests main dishes.
Try our best chicken recipes featuring everything from kid-friendly favourites to impress-your-guests main dishes.
grilled chicken and mango taco
Use leftovers to create this taco filled with a multitude of sizzling summer flavours you can whip up in a snap.
beer can chicken recipe
This roast chicken recipe is guaranteed to be a new family favourite. Your kids will love it because it's tasty, your husband will love it because of the beer.
A cost-effective way to feed a crowd, this no-fail roasted chicken recipe will be perfect every time.
Chicken Salad with Feta and Grapes Recipe
Crunchy with bits of salty feta mixed with sweet grapes and chicken make this salad a complete meal perfect for a warm summer's eve.
Pesto Chicken Wraps
We're about to become pesto friends because this simple recipe is adaptable to suit every person in your household.
oven fried chicken
Skip the oil and still get a great deep-fried flavour with this recipe that gives chicken a crunchy outside but is still moist inside.