Try our best chicken recipes featuring everything from kid-friendly favourites to impress-your-guests main dishes.
can't believe it's not peanut butter chicken recipes
Kids will love these nut-free chicken recipes that have all of the flavour and none of the risk of an allergic reaction.
by: Alex Thom
There are five chances to win - plus the added bonus of knowing you may have just helped another parent out by providing them with a dinner time-saver!
Making dinner for a small group? Skip roasting a turkey and make these cutlets that will allow you to savour the flavour with less work..
by: Lara Katz
Tortilla Crusted Chicken Fingers Recipe
Add a little Mexican flair to chicken fingers by coating them with baked tortilla chips for a meal with a big crunch with even bigger flavour.
Tropical Chicken Fingers Recipe
You don't have to travel somewhere exotic to taste the tropics just make these coconut covered chicken fingers for an island twist.
Skip the deep-fryer, say goodbye to the oven and pull out the barbie. These zesty chicken fingers are cooked on the grill.
Everything from kid-friendly favourites to impress-your-guests main dishes.