A day filled with food, sightseeing, learning about lentils, and of course, the ever-popular Chef Michael Smith.
different kinds of lentils
Everything you ever wanted to know about lentils and seven simple recipes that use this Canadian nutritional powerhouse.
6 Easy Tips for a No Stress, Sparkling Summer Dinner Party
How to host a stress-free dinner party that you will enjoy as much as your guests.
A Canadian nutritionist's dream comes true in a whirlwind trip to PEI for Food Day Canada. Sarah feasted on food and sipped vodka straight from the still.
The deliciously evil part of these brownies is they are made with lentils. Your kids get a delish dessert, you get them to consume legumes. It's a win/win.
baking with Chef Michael Smith
How to pack for a two-day trip and a recipe for Brown Butter Maple Tarts that you'll want to double-batch from the get-go because they're THAT good.