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It might only take a second to read a text message, but that one second could define the course of your life.
A British father was left fuming after his 13-year-old daughter's phone was confiscated—for three weeks.
What goes on in classrooms across this great country of ours has changed significantly since I was a kid in the system 20+ years ago.
If you think the village has disappeared...think again. It's closer than you think.
edululu an educational tool for parents and teachers
How do you know what educational apps are going to be the most helpful? EduLulu is a website that reviews apps for both classroom and home use.
At what point does safety overrule caution when it comes to getting your kids a cellphone? At what age did you get one for your kids?
cellphones at school
What’s happening in your high school child’s classroom? Has cell phone distraction caused his or her marks to decline?
The lack of rules for new technology makes staying out of your child's business completely potentially risky.
by: Cat Coode