The JUNO Awards are on Sunday, April 21st and you can help choose the winner of the Fan Choice Award!
19-year-old Kate is the talented Canadian indie artist who was chosen as the Bell Media Emerging Artist for April 2013.
Grease LIVE! is coming to FOX | In the News | TV |
Make sure you paid the cable bill, because old-timey TV is where it's at for Grease Live, coming soon.
What does a music junkie do when she's holed up in bed recovering from surgery? She finds you new music to listen to, of course.
Ali's favourite thing about awards shows is the fashion. Until the this year's Much Music Video Awards, that is.
The Juno Awards 2012 – A Family Affair
From the band member who watched the birth of his child on Skype to lost Sharpies on the Red Carpet, the Juno Awards were full of surprises.
Get your kids to stop bouncing off walls and start shaking their booty with this tip that will help them burn off energy.