changing engine oil
If there’s even the slightest chance that you’ll be keeping the car beyond its warranty period you need to know this.
Getting a tune up for your car
What a tune-up means for technicians today is different than what it meant many years ago. Find out why.
Winter Driving: 5 Things You Need to Do to Stay Safe
Winter tires are part of the equation when it comes to keeping your family safe on the road but there are five other things you should also be doing.
Feet on dash
Dear Front Seat Passengers: It may be comfortable to lean back and relax your feet on the dash but there's a very good reason you should never do this.
Scratches on door handle
Beware of big rings and long fingernails. They may be causing damage to your vehicle. Thankfully there's a solution.
Rodents in your car
Did you know it’s common for rodents to get into your car’s engine bay and build a nest, chew wiring, or store food? And the cost to you can be quite high.
Milky Engine Oil Cap
With the weather changing it's time to look under your engine oil cap. If you see this type of residue it's time to take your vehicle in to a repair shop.
Drive Through
The easy maneuver you can do to help prevent your driver side power window from premature failure.