Canada Day Banner
Celebrate Canada Day and add some maple leaf flair to your decor with this banner that uses simple household items.
Celebrate your country with these five family friendly activities, eh.
We'll keep this short and sweet. It's a full-taste version of the Canadian pastry we all love with only half of the work.
Red, white and chew! Fresh strawberries combined with a sweet cream cheese topping and crunchy graham cracker cookies make a decadent Canada Day treat.
Nanaimo Bars Recipe
This quintessentially Canadian creamy confection is the perfect way to end a Canada Day meal.
The long weekend is just around the corner and I predict many a backyard BBQs (assuming one Mother Nature contains her temper and isn't PMSing)...
This year, the end of school happens to coincide with Canada Day -which means that not only do I have a house full of crazy kids who are super excited that school is over…
Skip regular barbecue sauce and add a bit of Canadian flair to your meal with these ribs that celebrate the Great White North.