We use it to make decadent desserts or as a sweet treat but have you ever wondered where the chocolate you buy really comes from? You're about to find out.
I look at my children and think how lucky they are that the bikes they have are simply for fun. Across the world that same bike can change a child's life.
How far did your children have to travel to school today? A few blocks? A kilometre? For thousands of kids in Ghana, the reality is much, much different.
In North America, a bike is used for fun. In Ghana, it is a vehicle for freedom and success. Find out how you can help change a child's future.
Cadbury's Bicycle Factory Program
Aditi found a job that lets her make a difference. Here's how you can make a difference with her. Did we mention there's chocolate involved?
If you have two extra minutes in your day today, you can help make life better for a child in Ghana.