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An Ontario mom is getting some harsh feedback following her Christmas photo with Santa.
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How is it not okay to nurse in public, but desirable to show your "stuff" in a bathing suit?
I spent months pouring over parenting and newborn books while pregnant with my first born. I was particularly obsessed with how-to breastfeeding manuals.
An important and realistic scene was cut from last Sunday's "Outlander," but only in Canada.
Mom of three, Maha Al Musa, could care less what other people think and will continue to breastfeed her daughter until she wants to stop.
Bodi Kinney is the heroine of this story when she decided to support this breastfeeding mom who was nursing in public.
Poet Speaks Out About Public Breastfeeding Shame
This video—that speaks out against public breastfeeding shaming—is going viral faster than you can say lactate.
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Random kindness to a nursing mother goes viral.