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After giving birth the first time I said, "I don't think I can ever do that again." And like a teenager who has stolen her parent's vodka, here I am....again.
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If you're having a vaginal birth, do you want your significant other to see the baby come out?
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If you are experiencing Prodromal Labour these are the tips that will help get you through the days, and possibly weeks, of labour.
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Who do you trust to deliver your most precious piece of cargo? A Midwife or a Doctor?
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Coming into the world during the worst flood in Alberta's history, it's clear baby Lylah likes to make a dramatic entrance.
Induction, home births, C-sections. Birthing a baby can be complicated. Did you have a certain way you wanted to give birth and did everything go to plan?
Spill it! What do you think of this birth trend that leaves you tied to your baby for up to ten days?
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Congratulations to Jen Warman, the proud mom of a brand new baby girl who arrived in a most unexpected way. Was your birth experience what you expected?