Family embarks on biking adventure |
What's your family's idea of a fun vacation? How about dining on roadkill and biking 1000s of km?
woman on bicycle
What do you do when faced with injustice? If you're Kayla Smith, you take the law into your own hands, that's what.
The Day My Son Did the Most Ordinary, Impossible Thing
This was one of many activities I had mentally scratched off as being unrealistic or unachievable for us.
Remove this from your child's bike and they'll be cycling on their own in no time!
In a twist of fate, being hit by a car was the luckiest thing that could have ever happened to eight-year-old Liam Taylor.
Love it Want it Got it |
It's an eclectic mix in our Love it, Want it, Got it! files this week, but it's a wonderful blend of quirky.