Super Simple Bruschetta
The garlic, tomato, and olive oil combo complements most anything which means it's the perfect appetizer for parties and backyard barbecues.
Herb Garden
If things are getting dull in dinner-land, maybe you should get your gardening gloves and invest a little "thyme" in the backyard.
Ripe tomatoes and brie drizzled with hot olive oil and dressed with basil make for a delicious summery salad
This simple salad is a full-flavour, no-fuss way to enjoy tomato season.
by: Paula Roy
With these five ingredients you can turn an ordinary meal into a decadent dinner in less than 30 minutes.
Basil can increase the yum factor in so many recipes. Here's a few ways of adding this delicious herb.
by: YMC
We say yes to this pesto. Quite possibly the best you'll ever eat.