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Why not make the most of going back to work by finding your bliss?
Five simple steps to finally finding a way to balance to the chaos in your life.
I showed up tired and made mistakes and was criticized for those mistakes. I showed up tired because I was a mother to two young children.
The best thing you can do is stop running away from your own life. Even if it really, really, sucks while you figure things out. Here's my story.
Want to get yourself out of a rut? First you have to call yourself on it.
It's our first day of a 5 day shoot, and I have my 2 year-old on set with me. What if this was the worst mistake of my life?
Follow along on Twitter at #filmsetmummy and see what happens next to a YMC mummy who’s grabbing life by the balls with her toddler in tow.
Can you choose between career and kids? |
Life doesn’t always give you what you want…life gives you what you NEED.