Loaded car trunk
The same rule that applies to your health applies to your vehicle otherwise you could be left in a tricky situation.
Six features that are making driving safer for you and everyone on the road.
Scratches on door handle
Beware of big rings and long fingernails. They may be causing damage to your vehicle. Thankfully there's a solution.
Use air conditioner in winter
This winter, as part of maintenance, use your car's air conditioning regularly or you might end up paying for it.
car dash lights
You probably know the standard colours for the lights on your vehicle's instrument panel are green, amber, red, and blue. But do you know what they mean?
Old cell phone emergency kit
Before you throw away your old phone consider using it for this.
steering whine
Does your steering wheel whine when you turn it all the way? It's because of this and you need to stop it.
Rodents in your car
Did you know it’s common for rodents to get into your car’s engine bay and build a nest, chew wiring, or store food? And the cost to you can be quite high.