2014 Lincoln MKZ
Improve your relationship when you're on the road by looking for these features in your next vehicle.
Loaded car trunk
The same rule that applies to your health applies to your vehicle otherwise you could be left in a tricky situation.
Milky Engine Oil Cap
With the weather changing it's time to look under your engine oil cap. If you see this type of residue it's time to take your vehicle in to a repair shop.
Winter Tires for Winter
You may not believe in winter tires but the fact is you are taking a risk whenever you drive a vehicle with all-season or summer tires in our winter climate.
car dash lights
You probably know the standard colours for the lights on your vehicle's instrument panel are green, amber, red, and blue. But do you know what they mean?
Old cell phone emergency kit
Before you throw away your old phone consider using it for this.
2013 Dodge Grand Caravan
Emily is a mechanic, car seat technician and mom. We challenged her to put the Dodge Caravan minivan to the test. Find out if it passed.
Oil Change Maintenance Reminder
Do you want to know the single best thing you can do to maintain your car? It's this...