Sesame Street Autism Muppet
Sesame Street is seeing - and celebrating - the amazing in ALL children.
Michael McCreary
This young man has created an act that elicits belly laughs and raises autism awareness along the way.
What I've Learned about Autism |
It's hard to believe it's been almost four year since autism entered my life - and it's not leaving, ever.
Airline makes emergency landing to have child with autism removed for "disturbance."
hockey wives
Kodette is not your average hockey wife and her story is a sobering dose of realism in the new series.
A nine year-old Ottawa boy with autism had a meltdown this week. School response? Call police and handcuff him.
Education and awareness has to start at a young age. Thought there may be no perfect time, the right time to start the discussion is when this happens.