The flavours of apple pie with cheese make these biscuits a family favourite
A cinch to prepare, these biscuits are nutritious and filling, making them a great addition to an on-the-go breakfast.
by: Paula Roy
Need a great breakfast hack? These 5 minute healthy Apple Oatmeal Muffin Waffles are the perfect grab-and-go food. Yes, you can cook a muffin recipe in your waffle iron! | YMC |
Yes, you can cook muffins in your waffle iron - in 5 minutes flat.
by: Paula Roy
Pork tenderloin medallions smothered in rich apple gravy
A comforting make-ahead meal that’s fast and family-friendly.
by: Paula Roy
Green juice
A great source of vegetables that packs an energy punch, this morning juice gets a Green Light for goodness.
Inside-Out Baked Apple Crumble Recipe
This inside-out baked apple crumble spotlights the fruit instead of the buttery pastry and can be baked while you're eating dinner.
They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away but not if you're eating these aged apples.
Pickled apples are a delicious and versatile treat
A fun and flavourful way to enjoy fresh fruit!
by: Paula Roy