How much should kids get for their allowance? We sent an eleven-year-old girl to the bank to get a first hand lesson in dollars and sense.
You can bet your bottom dollar this young lady is going to grow up to be a savvy business woman.
Wife bonus? Separate accounts? Allowances? What. The. F**k?
Is giving your kids an allowance just another form of bribery? And if so, what's the going rate on manipulation money?
Weigh in on the weighty issue of allowing allowances.
Understanding money, including how to save it, is a critical skill that can be learned young. Tips to teach from a mom and wealth management advisor.
It is extremely important for kids to learn about managing money. One way to teach them is to mirror the real world and charge tax on allowance.
Watch this webisode to find out if your child should have to earn their allowance by doing household chores.