The best cheap and cheerful EpiPen or Allerject case ever!
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Can exercise cause anaphylaxis? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about anaphylaxis.
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Company developing a smaller, customizable, compact epinephrine auto-injector | In the News |
New, smaller auto-injectors mean getting one step closer to custom doses for allergies.
Lucie Roussel, a Quebec mayor, died of multiple wasp stings and an undiagnosed allergy.
What's scary Lucie Roussel's death—after being stung with a wasps 15 times—is that she was completely unaware that she even had an allergy.
Zajac Ranch offers a safe camp for anaphylactic kids
Structured for children aged 7 to 17, Zajac Ranch gives parents peace of mind.
Win a cool CarryNine Allerject Wallet & Skins
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Allerject recall in Canada
Sanofi Canada has issued a voluntary recall of all Allerject units currently on the market as they may have inaccurate dosages.