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Is love truly blind or do you think some age gaps are simply too vast to bridge?
Sanele Masilela walked down the aisle with Helen Shabangu, a woman old enough to be his grandmother, "because the ghost of his dead ancestor told him to."
My sister and I are eighteen months apart. When my mom left the hospital with me, her favourite maternity nurse jokingly called out, “See you next year!”
Spill it! What do you think is the magic age gap that will make life easier for parents?
While the singer hasn't confirmed the rumour, it appears the actress will be the proud mom of two kids under two.
The headlines have been merciless about the 16-year age gap between the lovers. Do you think it's a daddy complex or the real deal?
Everyone is thrilled to bits with the possible exception of poor Kate who is suffering morning sickness again.